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Yuchengco Researchpaper Essays

Yuchengco Researchpaper Essays Yuchengco Researchpaper Essay Yuchengco Researchpaper Essay AY Foundation The Alfonso Yuchengco Foundation, Inc (AY Foundation) serves as the heart of YGC. It manifests the Groups conviction that social responsibility is a corporations lifeblood, essential to its survival and success. Established in 1970, this non-profit, service-oriented organization has dedicated itself to the uplift of the Filipino spirit. Using contributions from YGCs member companies, the AY Foundation has various social development programs focusing particularly in the education, health and nutrition sector. Now entering its fifth decade of service, the Foundation continues its commitment to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the Filipino –especially the poor and disadvantaged. Yuchengco Museum The Yuchengco Museum, located at RCBC Plaza in Makati City, is one of Manilas newest art museums and cultural assets. The museum opened its doors to the public in September 2005, and was created especially by Alfonso Yuchengco to house his art collection and be a venue for artistic and cultural exhibitions. The establishment of the museum was a natural extension of Yuchengcos distinguished career as an influential Filipino-Chinese businessman, diplomat, collector, philanthropist, art patron, and education advocate. With its range of original exhibitions and engaging programs, the museum fosters a great public appreciation of the finest in Filipino and Filipino-Chinese creativity. The museums offerings focus on three different themes: Sino-Filipino Expressions that highlight the visual arts ; Bridging Cultures, which showcases the rich and diverse cultural expressions from the Philippines, the region, and the world; and Design as Art Art as Design showing contemporary design excellence. As a member of Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC), the Yuchengco Museum is also a platform for the museums corporate social responsibility. The museum also highlights the Yuchengco family and the YGC as patrons of arts and culture, positioning them not just as business leaders, but as vanguards of cultural heritage. RCBC YGCs flagship company for the banking industry is the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC). It is ranked as among the top 5 private domestic commercial banks. Incorporated in 1960, RCBC- then known as Rizal Development Bank- was the first development bank to be established in the province of Rizal. Two years later, it received the approval of the Central Bank to operate as a commercial bank. Since then, RCBC has become a leading name in the banking industry. RCBCs claim to excellence rests on the manner that it redefined Philippine banking services. The first to adopt the concept of integrated banking, RCBC went beyond traditional banking by offering clients investment and insurance services. Being at the forefront of industry innovations, RCBC continues to serve its clients with the highest standards of professionalism. House of Investments House of Investments, Inc. (HI) is a unique component of YGC. Servings as its investment arm, HI is the first enterprise of its kind in the Philippines. Ever since its first operations in the early 60s, HI has continuously sought new areas and diverse opportunities for investment and deployment of resources. House of Investments, or HI, a respected leader in project development activities and joint ventures with internationally established companies, ontrols and manages a major list of companies in education and information technology, construction and infrastructure, consumer finance, and other services such as memorial parks, strategic sourcing and trading. Through HI, YGC branches out, entering new industries, interacting with a wide range of players and absorbing fresh ideas. No wonder HI has the reputation of being the leader in project development as well as an active Philippine partner of some of the worlds most respected companies. RCBC Capital Corp. RCBC Capital Corporation is a subsidiary of RCBC. It offers a complete range of investment banking and financial consultancy services. It specializes in the underwriting of equity, quasi-equity and debt securities, loan syndication, and financial advisory services. RCBC Capital has successfully acted as Issue Manager, Lead Manager or Co-Lead Manager for numerous fund raising activities of both Government and privately-owned companies in the Philippines. In the local government bond market, RCBC Capital is the most active player from the private sector having underwritten majority of the local government bonds issued in the country. To assist clients in raising funds either through debt, quasi-equity or equity issuance, RCBC Capital acts as an intermediary in the sale and distribution of new securities to the public and via private placement or arranges a syndicate of banks willing to fund the client. In the process, RCBC Capital advises companies on the appropriate security to issue, timing, pricing and other terms, as well as assists in preparing the required documentation. RCBC Capital also provides financial advisory services with regard to the overall financial condition and strategy of a company. RCBC Capital also engages in the trading of stocks through its wholly-owned subsidiary, RCBC Securities, Inc. , a stock brokerage and a trading participant in the Philippine Stock Exchange. With an established network of equity investors, it can sell shares on a primary or secondary basis. RCBC Forex Brokers Corp. RCBC Forex Brokers Corporation was established as a subsidiary of RCBC in August 1998. It is engaged in dealing and brokering major world currencies in various foreign exchange contracts with local and international clients. As a broker, it also brings together sellers and buyers of foreign exchange, offering them very competitive rates through its offices in RCBC and RCBC Savings Bank Business Centers nationwide. RCBC Forex Brokers Corp. is part of RCBC Financial Markets Group. RCBC Savings Bank RCBC Savings Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the countrys top universal banks, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC). RCBC Savings Bank was incorporated in January 1996 to serve as the consumer and retail banking arm of RCBC. RCBC Securities, Inc. RCBC Telemoney Europe Bankard Bankard, Inc. is a pioneer in the credit card industry with 25 years of experience in card issuing and acquiring tucked under its belt. Celebrating its silver anniversary in the year 2007, the company entered another milestone in its existence on the same year with the re-branding of its cards from Bankard to RCBC Bankard the culmination of Bankards coming together with banking industry stalwart Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) that began in the year 2000 and concluded last December 2006 with the sale of the entire Bankard business and all of its assets to RCBC. YGC Corporate Services Inc. First Malayan Leasing and Finance Corp. First Malayan Leasing and Finance Corporation (Malayan Leasing) is a pioneer in the leasing and financing industry in the Philippines as the company started its operations in 1957. Malayan Leasing is a non-bank financial institution with a quasi-banking license granted by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. It serves the requirements of corporate, c ommercial and consumer markets through its innovative loans, leases and investment products. Grepalife Asset Management Corp. Grepalife Established in 1954, GREPALIFE Financial, Inc. (formerly The Great Pacific Life Assurance Corporation or simply Grepalife) is the first life insurance company to be put up after the Second World War and the 12th insurance firm to do business in the Philippines. Since then it would develop a corporate life of its own and would evolve into a solid pillar of the Yuchengco Group of Companies. It is one of the 10 largest life insurance companies in the Philippines today. With a growing number of policyholders, GREPALIFE Financial has become a life partner of many Filipinos. With over 200,000 policies in force, the company remains committed to its mission of promoting the great life among Filipino individuals and families. It is recognized as a leader in group insurance, protecting more than 4,000 groups and organizations. Through its competitive salary savings program, GREPALIFE Financial takes pride in holding significant niches among the countrys public school teachers and military personnel. Through creativity, innovation and wise leadership, GREPALIFE Financial has grown to be a trusted name among the countrys life insurers. Grepalife Asset Management Corporation is established primarily to manage, promote, provide and render management and technical advice and services to mutual fund companies. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of (shouldnt this be GREPALIFE Financial, Inc. ) Great Pacific Life Assurance Corporation, the life insurance arm of the YGC Malayan Insurance The Malayan Group of Insurance Companies has dominated the non-life insurance industry for over 30 years now. As the forerunner of the flagship institutions of the Yuchengco Group, it is the oldest of all the YGC members, and currently ranks as the biggest non-life insurance group in the Philippines. The Malayan Group places a premium on serving the interest of its clients. It continuously improves and innovates in order to provide a more efficient and better service. It is known for its wide coverage range of insurance risks including fire, marine and cargo, motorcar, miscellaneous casualty, personal accident and surety. As the Malayan Group enters its ninth decade of service, it will continue to exhibit the same brand of leadership and excellence respected by its policymakers and colleagues in the industry. Mapua Institute of Technology The Mapua Information Technology Center (MITc), a spin-off of MapuaTechs School of IT is envisioned to become the leader in non-university type education, offering two-year Diploma Programs to eventually an Associate Degree ladderized to the Bachelors Degree (4-year) I. T. courses of MIT. MITc invests on its students IT education to equip them with unparalleled skills and experience that will enable them to win in the global IT marketplace. With its academic reputation and the vast network of the YGC Group of Companies, MITc aims to provide top quality education to supply top corporations with skilled, high value IT professionals. Executive and Developer Programs are also available for professionals and corporations for their continuing education program (short courses). Different entity yet one aim – to give the best Education there is, stamped with Mapua excellence. OUR MISSION MITc produces highly-competitive and well-rounded individuals equipped with relevant, up-to-date, research-based technical and communication proficiencies in the fields of Information Technology, Management and Network technology in response to the demands of business and society globally. OUR VISION MITc will be the pioneer center that offers the best quality 2-year education that nurtures students to become ready for employment. MITc will be known not only in diploma courses recognized globally but also in other related technologies. Mapua Information Technology Center The Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT), is an 80-year old technology-focused school located in Intramuros, the heart of Manila. With 15,000 students in college level, it is the biggest engineering school in the Philippines, accounting for about 8% of engineering graduates every year. The Institute also runs a pre-engineering high school with about 1,800 students. The Institutes name derives from its foun der, Don Tomas Mapua, an architecture graduate of Cornell University. The Institute was fully owned by the Mapua family until 1999 when it was acquired 100% by the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC) through a company now known as iPeople, Inc. Ambassador Alfonso T. Yuchengco chairs the Mapua Board of Trustees, while Alfonso S. Yuchengco, III is the Vice-Chairman. The Institute prides itself with the quality of its architecture and engineering programs, which has been demonstrated time and again in the long history of topnotch performance of its graduates in the government-administered professional licensure examinations. Under the new YGC management, the quality of instruction is being enhanced and new dimensions are being added to the Institutes mission. Aside from excellence in teaching, the Institute now aims to develop its research, as well as its consultancy and community extension capabilities. The Institute will be at the front-lines of problem solving for the benefit of the Filipinos and humankind, while keeping in mind that the core of its strength lies and shall continue to lie in its engineering nd architecture educational programs, programs that are well-balanced by the 2-year general education curriculum in the arts, humanities and social sciences. In recognition of the growing need for IT professionals locally and worldwide, the Institute is establishing more IT programs through regular degree programs and 2-year associate degree programs as well as short-term programs for specific and special competencies. The School of IT and the Center for Continuing Education and Special Competencie s handle these programs. To put its consultancy services on a solid organizational footing, the Institute established a wholly-owned subsidiary, the Mapua TechServ, Inc. To handle research it shall similarly organize the Mapua TechSearch, Inc. Malayan Colleges Laguna Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mapua Institute of Technology. Driven by passion for knowledge, it is established to extend the quality of education Mapua has been known for. Along with the other subsidiaries like the Mapua I. T. Center and the Malayan High School of Science, MCL shall respond to the challenges of globalization in order to produce graduates who shall be at par with their foreign counterparts. The campus is located in Cabuyao, Laguna, where several science and industrial parks are situated. With this excellent location, students are prepared in the actual, technology-driven industries through on-the-job trainings and apprenticeships even during their mid-academic years. With its excellent facilities, technologically advanced and IT integrated curricula, MCL is envisioned to be a center of excellence for science and technology education in Southern Luzon. Malayan High School of Science Landev RCBC Realty Corp. iPeople Inc. iPeople Inc is a subsidiary of the House of Invesments, Inc. It aims to explore new strategic business areas in education and information technology. iPeople provides information retrieval. Using its sister company the Mapua Institute of Technology, as a base and starting point for building other IT businesses, iPeople is assured of high quality IT and engineering background needed to succeed. Pan Pacific Computer Center, Inc. Pan Pacific Computer Center, Inc. is an Information Technology (IT) solutions and services provider for more than 41 years now. PPCC has technical expertise in Helpdesk Support Services, Technical Support Services, Network Management, Security Services, Systems Administration, Business Process Documentation Services, Project Management and Document Management Solutions and Services. PPCC also offers network storage solutions in partnership with EMC Philippines. Currently, PPCC provides consolidated IT services to the entire Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC) as well as to other reputable accounts from various industries. Pan Pacific Computer Center, Inc. (PPCC) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified information technology company. People eServe Corp. People eServe Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of iPeople, Inc. and a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC). Incorporated last July 17, 2001 as an IT company under iPeople, Inc. it ventured into reselling and hardware maintenance on July 1, 2002. Philippine Integrated Advertising Agency, Inc. Hi-Eisai Pharmaceutical, Inc. Grepalife Medical and Diagnostic Center Grepalife Medical and Diagnostic Center provides quality health care services. It features the latest medical, dental, optical, and laboratory facilities including treadmill, ultrasound, and other modern diagnostic equipment. With qualified multi -specialists and pro-active clinic personnel, clients are assured to have quick and quality medical attention immediately. The center offers pre-employment and annual physical examinations accepted by numerous embassies and multi-national companies. It also has a pharmacy where common and prescribed medicines are readily available. EEI Corporation EEI Corporation takes pride in being one of the largest construction companies in the country, primarily engaged in construction, trading and in providing allied products and services in the Philippines and selected overseas markets. We are committed to: providing quality and cost-effective products and services to our customers; extending meaningful employment and a better quality of life to our employees; delivering reasonable returns to our shareholders; and serving the welfare of the community at large. Honda Cars Kalookan Honda Cars Quezon City Isuzu Manila Honda Cars Manila Honda Cars Marikina Pan Malayan Express Inc. Manila Memorial Park Cemetery, Inc. La Funeraria Paz Sucat, Inc. Malayan Plaza Mission and Vision the YGC Vision We are a customer–focused group of companies. We provide integrated, world-class products and services, delivering superior value through out the lives of our customers. We are a dynamic and professional organization, continuously improving our competitive capabilities and fully responsive to the national interest and the needs of our stakeholders. We work as a synergistic team and build mutually rewarding partnerships to sustain our growth. We stand behind our commitment: Integrity and Service Excellence, aimed at enhancing the quality of life of our people. The Blue Hexagon Service Quality Code We believe that customers are our reason for being. We listen to them and understand them. We offer them the best products and services. We believe that to achieve this, we need to continuously improve ourselves. We have to be more sensitive to their needs and wants. We believe that teamwork will deliver this commitment. We value and help each other and the communities we serve. We are YGC. This is our future. This is our battlecry: YGC=Excellence. Corporate values The Yuchengco Group of Companies adheres to a set of values which inspire all the member companies in their aim to be leaders in their respective fields. Service Excellence Everyone in the YGC companies know that their business is all about service excellence. Service excellence translates into acting with client’s needs in mind. Through the different service provided by the various companies of YGC, the high standard performance is demonstrated and maintained for the past 70 years. Professionalism Discipline coupled with dedication to one’s work results in the highest levels of professionalism which puts a premium on a job well done. YGC makes no compromises in its quest to discover new innovations to improve the lives of their clients. They are models of professional commitment, transparency, and openness to improvement demanded by the values of YGC. Forward Thinking It is important to look ahead into the future, preparing for whatever lies ahead. YGC believes that businesses must be forward thinking, decisive, creating strategies to meet tomorrow’s challenges. For many years now, YGC has pioneered in integral financial services – meeting client’s needs from cradle to tomb. Through the advance thinking of the YGC, loyal customers enjoy and avail the full range of the Group’s variety of services at their convenience. Accountability YGC believes that people working together instead of against each other makes everyone a winner. Everyone, including large conglomerates, must be accountable for the welfare of their neighbors. YGC recognizes people who made social accountability a way of life, not only among their ranks but also in the general populace. Sense of Urgency YGC knows that clients want their needs to be given full attention and top priority. All its companies believe in the timely accomplishment of tasks and treats every customer’s case with a sense of urgency. Teamwork It takes teamwork to make things work at YGC. Teambuilding is taken very seriously. Officers and staff are expertly-trained so that all efforts are harmonious and unified. For teamwork is truly the strength of synergy. Synergy is the strength of YGC. All the group’s personnel are dedicated to working for the advancement of YGC, customer welfare and the common good. Leadership The success of YGC is mainly attributed to its leader, Don Alfonso Yuchengco. When Don Enrique Yuchengco died in 1953, he left Don Alfonso all the businesses and its management. Using what he learned from his father, he is able to make the companies flourish even during difficult times. One of the keys to Don Alfonso’s early success in business is his ability to make friends and interact productively with business colleagues. The valuable contacts and opportunities he developed through his social network helped his companies expand rapidly. Associates like to point out that his openness to setting up joint ventures, especially with foreign partners, has been one of his most important assets. Don Alfonso’s career has spanned many eras starting from the Philippine Commonwealth, through the Second World War, the years of economic expansion in the 1950s and 1960s as well as the difficult years of martial law in the 1970s and 1980s. Throughout his career as a businessman and a diplomat, he consistenly espoused social discipline and national pride. His belief that both are necessary ingredients for progress and development has served his companies and the nation well. Corporate Social Responsibility Given the YGC’s character and civic-mindedness, Don Alfonso Yuchengco felt the need to turn over some of the profits from the many thriving companies to a well-planned system of philanthropy. In 1970, the YGC established the AY Foundation, Inc. to handle most of his charitable donations and to monitor long-term civic projects. The chosen beneficiaries represent a broad range of activities but they are all related to issues that hold personal significance for Alfonso Yuchengco. Their generous donations have directed largely toward helping the disadvantaged children enjoy the vital necessities of life, enhancing educational opportunities, supporting the arts and protecting the environment. Latest CSR news 31-May-2011 Yuchengco Group awards winners of environment project competition The various Human Resources and Marketing heads of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC) recently awarded the nine finalists of its YGC Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-Environment Ideation Contest. The competition encouraged all employees from more than 60 member companies of the conglomerate to submit proposals for environmental care and sustainability, to be adopted as a component activity of its YGC Earth Care Program. The nine finalists – six (6) third place entries, two (2) second placers, and one (1) overall winner – bested over 700 ideas submitted by individual employees and team members. The winning proposal, from the Management Services Group of Malayan Insurance, is entitled â€Å"Sandaang Puno sa Sandaang Bayan Para sa Sandaang Taon ng YGC† to commemorate the Centennial Anniversary of the conglomerate. It is set to be implemented by the YGC Councils as its main Green Marketing Initiative under the title of YGC Product for A Tree. 31-May-2011 Environmental sustainability tackled in YGC Earth Care seminar Following through on its environmental pledges made during the the commemoration of Earth Hour last March 2011, the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC) recently gathered the Human Resources and General Services Department heads of its various member companies to a two-day environment seminar held at the RCBC Plaza in Makati City. Dubbed as the YGC Earth Care seminar, the activity is part of the umbrella campaign called the YGC Earth Care Program, which is envisioned to enable the conglomerate to create an Earth-friendly sustainable business environment. Presiding over the seminar was the WWF-Philippines Vice Chairman and CEO Jose Ma. Lorenzo â€Å"Lory† Tan, whose presentation revealed the complex issues and implications surrounding global warming and climate change. He stressed the need for more decision makers to start implementing appropriate responses to help address these cataclysmic changes affecting the environment. As it commemorates its centennial anniversary this year, the YGC is focusing its business sustainability strategies toward caring for nature, conserving resources, and utilizing alternative sources of energy. The YGCs commitment made during Earth Hour calls on all the heads of its various companies to target a 10-percent reduction in emissions by 2012 through simple measures now made mandatory for all its employees, like switching off unnecessary lights and other appliances, conserving water and paper products, and many other acts. The YGC estimates that a full-year commitment to this 10-percent carbon footprint reduction means savings of up to P50 million for the entire conglomerate – demonstrating how simple forms of savings will go a long way to make a hugely positive difference. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY In 1970, Ambassador Alfonso T. Yuchengco established the AY Foundation, Inc. as the social development arm of the Yuchengco Group of Companies. Its main thrusts are in education, national discipline and community service, as well as public health and welfare. PROGRAMS: Scholarship Programs Since 1970, more than 7,200 educational grants have been awarded by AYF to street children, indigent students belonging to cultural minority groups as well as deserving but financially needy dependents of YGC employees. National Discipline The National Discipline Awards aim to give recognition to graduating high school students who consistently exemplify the virtue of discipline in school and in the community. Medical and Surgical Mission The AYF provides poor Filipinos in far-flung communities with access to quality medical services. More than 6,000 major and minor surgical procedures benefiting indigent patients in remote communities have been performed for free. In addition, 55,000 poor Filipinos were provided with free medical and dental consultations and medicines. Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Awards Inspired by 1979 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the AYF in partnership with the Manila Jaycees established the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Award in 1983. The award is given to outstanding individuals who have dedicated their lives in the service of the poorest of the poor. CYCLE (Championing the Youth for Community LEadership) Program A leadership training and values formation program that instills a keen sense of social responsibility among the National Discipline Awardees through volunteer work in depressed communities. Since 2001, over 200 students were given a chance to go through this three-level leadership program.

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Private Security Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Private Security Industry - Essay Example Their job description is private in nature, that is, they serve only under the benefit of their employees. Police officers, on the other hand, have limitless task that range from patrolling in the streets to the prosecution of case of arrested violators. They play a vital role in the administration of the Criminal Justice System as the first pillar of the system. They help enforce the fundamental duty of every state to serve and protect the lives and properties of its people. Police officers are far better trained than security officers. They are even receiving better salaries and benefits since. They received their salaries directly from the treasure box of the government they serve. Despite of these differences with the police service, security services are a booming industry nowadays. Because of the spiraling crime rate in the society, many people now are security conscious. Businessmen, politicians, and other high profile individuals are those that usually engage the services of security agencies. There is a limit as to what police agencies can do. One of these limitations is that police agencies cannot serve at the pleasure of private persons since they serve the public in general. Security agencies, on the other hand, capitalize much on these limitations. ... Since said activities is usually conducted in a business matter, operators and owners recruit and employ only to obtain high profit with fewer expenses. This is because of the absence of strict laws that regulate the business. Operators and owners have the freedom to select and employ their security guards. That is why they often end up with security guards who are unlicensed, less educated, inexperienced, untrained, and incapable of performing security task. With the concept of self-regulation of these industries, security guards also received meager salaries and less benefits which to not equate to the long hours that they render service. The Private Security Industry Act of 2001 In the recent developments, many states had already adapted means and measures within which to improve the status of their security industry. One of these means is the passage of laws or acts which are primarily aimed in enhancing and regulating this booming industry. The United Kingdom, for instance, passed a regulatory act entitled "Private Security Act of 2001" that received Royal Assent on 11 May 2001. As explained in the Explanatory Notes (2001), The Act sets out a system for the statutory regulation of the security industry. It aimed to raise standards, ensure greater consistency, and introduce arrangements that vet people working in the industry to exclude criminal elements who tarnished the image of the industry. It also aimed to provide recognition to companies who can provide a satisfactory service measured against relevant agreed standards and who are able to demonstrate such recognition to costumers through voluntary scheme. To achieve realized these objectives, the Act created the Security Industry Authority, referred through

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Martha Stewart Fraud Case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Martha Stewart Fraud Case - Essay Example The lucrative career of Martha Stewart includes caterer, business owner, home living expert and stockbroker. Martha Stewart Living Omni media can be considered as her success story which has turned from a catering business to a popular and well-recognized brand. According to an author, â€Å"To the degree that her business partners were prepared to help advance the success of Martha Stewart, she was prepared to work with them. To the degree that they got in her way, she was willing to roll right over them† (Daniels Ethics1 2). Peter Bacanovic was the stockbroker of Martha Stewart. She along with her stockbroker has been indicted for â€Å"making false statements and conspiracy to obstruct justice† (Reynolds 1). The Insider trading scandal threatened the career of Martha Stewart’s career. The scandal took place due to the association with the ImClone System. It is a biopharmaceutical company. Martha Stewart owned the stock of this company. However, the FDA refused to review the cancer drug Erbitux of ImClone system. It tumbled the stocks of the company. However, same thing occurred with the insiders of ImClone. Martha Stewart was the potential stock owner. She was one of the closest friends of CEO of the ImClone. However, she gave instruction to his broker to transfer the money invested in stock to the bank account of his daughter. Peter Bacanovic was also the broker of the CEO of ImClone, Mr. Sam Waksal. However, his daughter also has requested the broker to sell her stock capital. The CEO of ImClone was arrested due to obstruction of justice, bank fraud and insider trading. He was sentenced to seven years of jail. However, he got released after the five years of jail term.  

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Native Americans Essay Example for Free

Native Americans Essay Thesis Statement: A city of diverse religion, rich history and fast-paced developing economy, Memphis Tennessee continues to gain respect from locals and tourists alike. Introduction: With nearly 700, 00 estimated population; Memphis is Tennessee’s largest city, and the 19th largest city all throughout the United States. With settlements rooted from the early 16th Century, populace number continues to multiply with an interesting collaboration of white, black and Native Americans, even Asians and other races as per demographics. Strategically located at the center of the state, Memphis continues to target commerce from both the shipping and transportation industries. Innovations in infrastructure, interesting grounds for recreation and a home to reputable educational institutions; makes Memphis inviting enough for permanent settlement. 1. History and Geography a. History- Originally inhabited by native American Indians in the 16th Century, settlement around the river had been distracted by a number of explorers, evasion of union forces and presence of epidemics like the yellow fever. Emerging from the uncomplicated Mississippian tribe is a city with vast social, cultural and economic contributions to the state. b. Geography This city bounded at the south of Tennessee has a humid, subtropical climate with four distinctive seasons. Interesting terrains around the 296. 35 square mile territory include parks all over the city and notable transportation aides like freight railroads. 2. Economy and Government a. Economy Even before Memphis has been officially founded, it was already hailed as an important location for commerce, exchanges and travel. Up to date, economy within the city continues to evolve as transportation industry booms, entertainment and film industry continues to expand and Fortune companies continue to invest. For these achievements, Memphis has been awarded by Inc. magazine in 2000 as the eighth out of fifty best major U. S areas for business. b. Government Memphis has a Mayor and council form of government which originated in 1960s. 3. People A greater number of African/Black American occupies the city though there percentages of white Americans, Asian and Latinos. A home of different beliefs, the city of Memphis welcomes differences in congregation and denomination. 4. Culture and the Arts Home to musical legend Elvis Presley, Memphis locals had also been the founders of various music genres – making it worthy enough to be tagged as â€Å"Birthplace of the Blues† and â€Å"Birthplace of Rock and Roll†. A rich collaboration of culture and the arts makes the city an interesting destination of travel and recreation. 5. Tourism and Recreation Economic advances and cultural distinctiveness plays a major role in the rise of tourism in the city. Surrounded by art galleries, parks and museums; Memphis’s interactive recreation makes it one of the state’s finest destination site. A typical city rooted from rich history, developed to progress as one of the State’s finest, Memphis, an urbanized territory in South Tennessee continues to emerge as a growing metropolitan. With residents increasing in sufficient number, economy rearing to be at par with United State’s top commerce, with welcoming variety of race, religion and belief; Memphis retains reliable statistics and reputable reasons why settlement and livelihood in this city is note-worthy. Bibliography: †¢ â€Å"Memphis, Tennessee†. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 24 August 2010. Web. 25 August 2010. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Memphis,_Tennessee †¢ History of Memphis. City of Memphis, 2010. Retrieved 25 August 2010. http://www. cityofmemphis. org//framework. aspx? page=296 †¢ â€Å"Memphis, Tennessee†. City-data. com. Advameg, Inc, 2010. Web. Retrieved August 25, 2010. http://www. city-data. com/city/Memphis-Tennessee. html

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Gendered Ideals of Body Form Essay -- Gender Studies

Gendered bodies in the West are bodies of contrasts. A masculine, sharp, inverted triangular body is contrasted to the feminine, soft, hourglass shape. Humans, throughout history, have resorted to drastic measures to meet and exemplify gendered ideals of body form. One such measure that has been in place since the Victoria era is the wearing of corsets. In attempting this research, I thought that wearing a corset would provide an insight into the ways feminine bodily ideals are appropriated by women in a Western context. Putting on the corset proved to be a challenge; only with the assistance of my roommate could I put it on. She laced the back up to as tight as it went and I wore it underneath my normal daily clothes. My first thought when wearing it was that it felt like a hug, when your body is encapsulated within something; it was quite pleasant and had an almost motherly feeling about it. As soon as I wore it, I immediately realized that I had to learn to control my breathing be cause the corset would feel extremely tight every time I exhaled. Travelling in the car and on the train proved to be a challenge because the corset forced my body to arch my back and sit up straight, which is not the way I normally sit. When I slouched or moved in a way that the corset did not allow, it would dig into my stomach and ribs in a painful way. While walking, I realized that I was pushing my chest out and standing very straight. This made me feel like I was embodying the typical ‘empowered woman’ image that shows a woman as sexy, confidently striding along an urban landscape, independent and beautiful. However, as the day went on, the uncomfortable sweatiness that it brought me made me loath wearing it. Coming home, I took it off and wonder... and Power at a Treatment Center. London: Duke University Press. Riordan, G. (2007). The Corset Douglas, M. (1966). External Boundaries. In Purity and Danger. (pp. 140-159). New York City: Routledge Classics . Savacool, J. (2009). The World Has Curves: The Global Quest for the Perfect Body. New York City: Rodale Books. Steele, V. (1985). Fashion and Eroticism. New York City: Oxford University Press. Turner, B. S. (1996). The Body and Society. Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publications. Controversy: Author(is)ing the Subject in/ of Tight-lacing.Social Semiotics, 17(3). Urla, J., & Swedlund, A. C. (1995). The Anthropometry of Barbie: unsettling ideals of the feminine body in popular culture. In J. Terry & J. Urla (Eds.). Deviant Bodies. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. Wolf, N. (1991). The Beauty Myth. New York City: William Morrow and Company Inc..

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Individual Research Paper Essay

Each student will prepare a research paper based on an aspect of their group case. This could include research into the company, the industry, the macro-environmental issues facing the company or industry, etc. The case report should be typed in Times New Roman, 12pt font with 1-inch margins. The paper should not exceed 10 pages double spaced (this does not include the cover page, table of contents, executive summary, appendices, or bibliography). A shorter paper is acceptable as long as the topic is dealt with sufficiently. Please include: 1) A cover page with the title of the paper, your name, student number, and the course number. 2) Include a table of contents 3) Use headings to address the different parts of the paper: a. Introduction: Provide an overview of the topic you have chosen. This should include the title of your case and the specific area you want to examine. b. Main findings: (you can use other headings as necessary depending on your paper.) c. Conclusion: Summarize your main discoveries. 4) Include a Reference page that includes all the sources you used in creating your paper. The paper is worth 15% towards your final grade and will be marked based on the following: 1) Overall presentation (i.e., the cover page, page numbers, headings, clarity of grammar, references page, etc.) 3 marks. 2) Contents (the quality of the research and the discoveries you made about the topic). 10 marks. 3) The quality of the sources you used to conduct the research. 2 marks.

Monday, January 6, 2020

George Orwell s Animal Farm - 1541 Words

American Journalist Carl Hiaasen once said, â€Å"Good satire comes from anger. It comes from a sense of injustice, that there are wrongs in the world that need to be fixed ( In George Orwell’s novel, Animal Farm, Orwell fuels his inspiration for the novel from his anger and dislike towards the misuse of governmental power, and the corruption that occurs when the government has too much power. The pigs in this novel represent a government s leaders and the effects of what happens when a government gains too much power and influence over its people. The pigs, especially their leader Napoleon, misuse their power and use it to take advantage of the animal with a lower intelligence level. Orwell satirizes Napoleon by giving him the characteristics of a ruthless dictator who uses education, violence, and rhetoric to control the other animals on the farm. The pigs use rhetoric to convince the animals to adopt Napoleon as their leader and remain loyal to him. The animals on the farm spend their lives being a slave to the farm. Napoleon, however, abuses the animals loyalty, and even though they spend every day of their lives trying to please him, they are never good enough for Napoleon. They are constantly reminded that â€Å"Bravery is not enough... loyalty and obedience are more important† (55). After the deadly battle that allowed Animal Farm to be a free state, Squealer, Napoleon’s messenger, convinces the farm animals that their bravery in the battle was notShow MoreRelatedGeorge Orwell s Animal Farm958 Words   |  4 PagesImagine that you were an animal s or citizen living under Napoleon or Stalin rule and the fear that your life can be taken always from you at any time. In the novel of Animal Farm, George Orwell he wanted to show how a book is a sarcasm of the Russian Revolution during the communist years and the satire of that time between Trotsky and Stalin. Where Orwell chose to create his character base of the common people of Russia at the time of the Revolution. Animal Farm is a social or allegory about NapoleonRead MoreGeorge Orwell s Animal Farm1361 Words   |  6 Pagesfarmer, but of late he had fallen on evil days†(Orwell 38). In Animal Farm George Orwell describes life for the animals on a farm in the english countryside during the mid to early 20th century before, during and after a revolution against their master Mr.Jones in order to represent the russian revolution and describe to people throughout the free world how leaders in both capitalist and communist societies oppress the working class as a result Orwell s tone throughout the novel is concerned. TsarRead MoreGeorge Orwell s Animal Farm1392 Words   |  6 Pages George Orwell Never Misuses Words In what was a vastly controversial novel published in 1945, George Orwell’s Animal Farm describes the horrific brand of communism in the Soviet Union and the conscious blindness that most of the West accepted at that time. Although Orwell labeled Animal Farm as a fairy tale, this historically parallel novel branches into the genres of political satire, fable, and allegory as well. What made Animal Farm so controversial among the â€Å"British socialists† and WesternRead MoreGeorge Orwell s Animal Farm1395 Words   |  6 PagesGeorge Orwell’s Animal Farm: The Power of Corruption In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Orwell illustrates how power corrupts absolutely and how Napoleon degrades the structure and stability of Animal Farm because of the decisions that he makes. I will also expand on the idea of how Old Major’s ideas for an organized society get completely destroyed by Napoleon’s revolutionary actions. It was ironic and satirical that Napoleon’s own power annihilates Animal Farm. The satire in George Orwell’s AnimalRead MoreGeorge Orwell s Animal Farm922 Words   |  4 Pages In the novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell, the wisest boar of the farm, Old Major, mimics Karl Marx, the â€Å"Father of Communism,† and Vladimir Lenin, a Russian communist revolutionary. George Orwell introduces direct parallels between the respected figures through their mutual ideas of equality and profoundly appreciated qualities. Furthermore, his utilization of dialect and descriptions represent the key ideas of the novel. Throughout the novel, Orwell continues to show comparisons betweenRead MoreGeorge Orwell s Animal Farm1463 Words   |  6 Pagesbut of late he had fallen on evil days†(Orwell 38). In Animal Farm, George Orwell describes life for the animals on a farm in the English countryside during the mid to early 20th century before, during and after a revolution against their master, Mr.Jones. Orwell does this to represent the Russian revolution and describe to people throughout the free world how leaders in both capitalist and communist societi es oppress the working class. As a result Orwell s tone throughout the novel is concernedRead MoreGeorge Orwell s Animal Farm1645 Words   |  7 PagesPeople respond to control and power differently for various reasons, however, one of the main reasons is based on their personality; their confidence and intelligence. In, Animal Farm by George Orwell, confidence and intelligence is a big factor for why certain animals obtained power and control and why other ones did not. People with confidence and intelligence are likely to gain most of the control and power. People with little intelligence, but lots of confidence are more likely to have someRead MoreGeorge Orwell s Animal Farm1449 Words   |  6 Pagesconcept that the animals in George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm crave. The animals of Animal Farm want freedom from their â€Å"dictator† Farmer Jones and the rest of humanity. Their problem is that Farmer Jones and humanity are still in power. With the bravery of two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball, the animals overthrow their human oppressors and free themselves from humanity. With his new freedom Napoleon craves power and expels Snowball. He becomes the dictator of Animal Farm and makes the farm a place whereRead MoreGeorge Orwell s Animal Farm1360 Words   |  6 Pagesquestion minus the answer.† In George Orwell’s â€Å"Animal Farm†, the author raises the question whether the type of government, communism, is feasible in a community without leading to a type of dictatorship or totalitarianism. Orwell presents the idea that communism is a good idea in theory, but it always leads to corruption by the people who take power. The author presents the novel as an entertaining fable featuring an animal revolution; however, beneath this storyline Orwell utilizes literary devicesRead MoreGeorge Orwell s Animal Farm1403 Words   |  6 PagesGeorge Orwell believes â€Å"What you get over and over again is a movement of the proletaria t which is promptly characterized and betrayed by astute people at the top and then the growth of a new governing class. The one thing that never arrives is equality† (Letemendia 1). Orwell simply loathes revolution and thinks it is unfair to the majority, for the people. He thinks that while individuals change, the people in power are always corrupt and they will corrupt any attempt at change. He communicates